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Long Haul

From MSN, the least reliable "love test" available, if their other services can be used as a guide...

You: Cancer
Partner: Virgo

You undoubtedly enjoy showering your Virgo partner with lots of love and affection. But at times, your Virgo's nagging can probably bring out the crabbier side of you. Try to keep in mind that your partner just wants to see you be your best. These criticisms are just meant to help you recognize and correct your own flaws. Besides, your moodiness can really drive your Virgo crazy at times too!

You undoubtedly require plenty of physical affection, whereas most logical Virgos need their minds to be stimulated as well as their bodies. You'll have to find a balance between the two. You may both be slow to enter into a commitment, but when you finally settle down, it could be for the long-haul.