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New friend, old friend

An old friend has finally arrived at Livejournal, mcbarnes1970. Not the most creative of usernames, but at least he's consistent.

What is with that dog picture, though?


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Aug. 28th, 2002 09:56 am (UTC)
Not creative?
Hey, I lived that whole handle/nickname thing for a while and I guess I came to the understanding that I like my name. Let's see, in the Eighties I went by The Lunatic... The Nineties started off as The Flying Dutchman, which was shortened to Dutchman, and than just Dutch. Now that we're in a the 21st Century, I figure my name works for me... Granted, as far back as I can remember you've been Andy Social - and I applaud your consistency over the years.

As for the dog, that is my little girl 'Dixie' and she is a very happy dog, hense the smile.

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