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Citibank Sucks

Citibank has got to have the most annoying automated systems on the planet. I know they are a large company, and therefore need to use automation to make their workload manageable, but come on!

In February, we moved into the house and we somehow misplaced the Citibank bill and so missed a payment. They automatically kicked in the "penalty rate" which meant our 9% card went to 24.99%. In the old days (like 1995), you could call a company, they'd say, "Well, you have a perfect payment history and a six thousand dollar balance, so we're making all kinds of money from you. We won't fuck you after all." When talking to these chuckleheads, though, they said there was nothing they could do. FMITGA.

Now, after much financial legerdemain, I ended up with a balance due which is larger than the credit limit. This is, of course, partially due their arbitrarily lowering my limit by 600 dollars, but that's not important. The statement is dated 14 October, and it is two days later. It says the due date is 7 November. I got a call today from their automated collections machine telling me to call them. I call them and ask, "Is it past due?" No. "Then I'll pay it when it is due." This resulted in much back-and-forth in which the idiot on the other end claimed my statement (which is all-electronic now so I can't refer to it when I'm on the phone with moron-girl) was dated 4 October, and that my two payments in this cycle actually paid on separate bills, so I need to give them money now. I ask again, "Is it past due?" The answer is still no, so I tell her that I have nothing more to say, and she says the automated calls will continue until I pay the bill. Well, I'll pay it when my budget says I pay it, and that is in November, when the damned thing is DUE.

I've since looked at my online statement, it shows two payments on this statement, both applied to this billing cycle, and the statement date is 14 fucking October.

I have only one prejudice - I hate stupid people. I hate them with a passion not infinitesimal.