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Stupid Windows Networking crap

I have no idea when I'll get to the backlogged Userpic requests I have right now. While trying to get a crossover connection working, I somehow borked my dialup connection. No matter how much uninstalling, reinstalling, and safe mode nonsense I do, the damned thing fails to function.

Get this, the network connection seems to work, and the DNS servers are found, a decent IP address assigned. But, not a single internet application works, not even ping or nslookup. The programs that give an error message with any info at all indicate that the programs are unable to create sockets or allocate sockets. This helps me in no way at all. I tried uninstalling every network item, which even removed the network neighborhood icon. Then, I rebooted into safe mode to remove even the vestiges of winsock. Well, I've got Windows ME, so I can't boot to a command line and the files are locked and "in use" even on a system with no networking setup. Go figure.

Anyone have a handle on this? Anyone?


After trying the "remove winsock2" trick in regedit, unsuccessfully, I ended up just installing WinME over itself. All better. Stupid system that breaks itself...


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Nov. 18th, 2002 10:51 pm (UTC)
I was about to comment and say when all else fails, reinstall windows.. i'd recommend windows xp over ME, heard nothing but bad things about it
Nov. 19th, 2002 05:16 am (UTC)
ME Blows
Although the interface for ME has a few tweaks that place it above 98, the stability is so much worse it's not worth having. If the machine had come with something else, I certainly would never have chosen ME. XP will be replacing ME as soon as I can get to it.
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