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Friends list follies

After doing that LJ Analysis thing this weekend, I realized that I skim far too many people's journals. Unlike many people on LJ, I don't consider any of you friends if we haven't shared some deep meaningful moment or some such. There are a few people on here that I've exchanged emails with regarding important life matters, some that I know (or at least have met) in real life, and so on. The majority of you, even if I enjoy reading your journals, are not my friends, no matter what the name of the page on the server. I use the "friends" page as a way to aggregate content to read at my leisure (A great example). When I find a feed that I am not overly interested in any longer, I stop reading it. This is in no way a comment on you as a person, nor on the interesting nature of your writing. If I am not commenting, and rarely even reading, your journal, I stop putting it on my friends page.

I rarely post things as "Friends Only" so you're not missing anything if you are no longer my "friend" on LJ. If you remove me as a friend, I really don't care (in fact I rarely even notice such things unless brought to my attention). Yes, I could do as corto does, and make filters for my reading convenience. I actually have filters enabled, and I use them for posting and occasionally filtering out posts so I only read RSS feeds, or only IRL friends, etc. But, I don't choose to add an extra step to my life just to avoid offending people. If you're that easily offended, get out more. :-)


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Jan. 15th, 2003 09:47 am (UTC)
That clarifies things. I was wondering why you took me off. With my recent "weeding", I thought you had decided to bow out. But unlike most people, I take no offense at your removing me :) I'm a post whore, and I'm sure that can irritate a lot of people. It's very understandable. I have a lot going on now, and you have your own things. It's all good. And no, we're not 'friends', and that's not a bad thing. Too many confuse one for the other :)

Hope ya don't mind if I still check in on ya. ;)
Jan. 15th, 2003 12:36 pm (UTC)
I'm sure I'll poke my head in your demesne on occasion as well.
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