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Rapidly Changing Computing

Following up the earlier post about my cool Christmas present, Sony was showing off a new model at CES last week. It looks considerably heftier than my not-so-tiny Clie, but it includes a camera with the same resolution as my Canon Powershot, as well as built-in Bluetooth (in case you want to use your cellphone to call your ISP I guess). Otherwise, it's the same machine as mine, both in hardware and software. And how is this appreciably less powerful than a laptop now? Of course, you can get a decent laptop on eBay for less than the $800 this monster is going for. But, for pure geek chic, what could beat having a single pocket-sized (well, big pockets maybe) device that can take good pictures and decent movie clips, voice records, play back MP3 files, control TVs and DVD players, and connect to a wi-fi LAN and surf the web?