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Deja Wha?

I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if it's just me. I know pretty much everyone experiences deja vu on occasion. The source of these feelings is not understood, but I like one explanation in particular: your mind has a kind of electrical storm that causes an experience to pause before being processed. This causes you to experience the same thing after it's already happened, so you feel like it's doubled, although you cannot pinpoint when you thought it had happened in the past.

Now, my particular variant doesn't fit that theory very well.

A few times per year, I get a very strange feeling, such that I remember what I'm doing as having happened already (pretty standard deja vu) and then I remember other things happening in that context. Those following events invariably make me more mistrustful of authority figures. For instance, the most recent one - I am sitting at the computer at work, listening to bad guys and working on Sound Forge. What I feel is about to happen is a peculiar thing. The door opens, several security officers come in and pull me away, telling me that I've been monitored doing various undefined illegal things on the government computers.

So, am I nuts or does this happen to other people too? Maybe deja vu with extra imagination?