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How's this for a pair that is just absolutely gigantic?

As you certainly know, http://www.andysocial.com needs to be updated to
respect Google's(tm) latest rules and regulations.

Allow us to evaluate the compatibility of your website with Google's(tm)
search engine.

We now offer written consultation services, reflecting a full study of your
website defining its compatibility with Google's(tm) latest algorithm

We guarantee that one of our qualified experts will review your website and
draft a written consultation reflecting a complete analysis of your
website's structural profile in regards to Google(tm) technology

Whether you are in charge of optimizing your site or currently using the
services of a search engine placement company, our consultation services
will enhance your ability to cross-check the profile of your website in
order to improve your results with Google(tm) search engine.
Our consultation services are now on sale, from $145 down to $95
(offer valid if your order is placed on / before the 29th of February,

I got this email today. I wonder how many people are going to take
advantage of this generous offer to keep their sites compatible with Google.
That's rich. Amazing, really.