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Cadences nobody can use today

Come along and join the party.
Come along and have some fun.
We're the guys from the US Army.
Dropping rounds on everyone.
Throw some candy to the children.
Wait until they gather round.
Lock and load your M-16.
And blow those little suckers down.
Walk up into their school house.
Wait until you hear the bell.
Pull a pin from a grenade
Send those bastards straight to hell.

Around her neck she wore a studded collar
She wore it in the springtime
In the merry month of May!
And if you asked her
Why the heck she wore it,
She wore it for that soldier
Who was into whips and chains.

Whip me beat me
I need love
Smack me in the face
With a stiff white glove
Bash me on the head
With a telephone
That's the kind of shit
That turns me on.

I wish that all the ladies
Were bells in a tower
And I was the bellboy
I'd bang 'em every hour
I wish that all the ladies
Were pies on a shelf
And I was the baker
I'd eat 'em all myself
I wish that all the ladies
Were holes in a road
And I was the dumptruck
I'd fill 'em with my load
I wish that all the ladies
Were bricks in a pile
And I was the mason
I'd lay 'em all in style.

This has been your politically incorrect interlude for the day.

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