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Pretentious much?

Today we got the first shipment in the WineMaster membership I started. Is it really really pretentious to belong to a "wine of the month" club, or just an admission that we live in the most cretinous part of the country?

When we were first dating, we went to a local restaurant, where we were offered any beer we wanted. "Pyramid Pale Ale?" Uh, no. "Pete's Wicked?" I don't think so. "Newcastle?" Sorry. Then we proceeded to tell him maybe he should just give us the list of what they actually did have, to humor us. "Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Miller Lite, Coors..." Yeah, so the same crap as anywhere else. Not exactly "any beer we wanted" was it?

Oh, the wines this month? South African white blends. Should be decent sippin' wine. :-)

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