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Hastert thinks Soros is a Druglord

About 3/4 of the way down this page, the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, makes an ass of himself on national television.

On "Fox News Sunday," the Illinois Republican insinuated that billionaire financier George Soros, who's funding an independent media campaign to dislodge President Bush, is getting his big bucks from shady sources. "You know, I don't know where George Soros gets his money. I don't know where - if it comes overseas or from drug groups or where it comes from," Hastert mused. An astonished Chris Wallace asked: "Excuse me?" The Speaker went on: "Well, that's what he's been for a number years - George Soros has been for legalizing drugs in this country. So, I mean, he's got a lot of ancillary interests out there." Wallace: "You think he may be getting money from the drug cartel?" Hastert: "I'm saying I don't know where groups - could be people who support this type of thing. I'm saying we don't know."

We just don't know. That's the Karl Rove approach to smearing people - make it ambiguous. Maybe Ann Richards is gay; we just don't know. Maybe John Kerry shot himself to get a purple heart; we just don't know. Maybe George W. Bush screwed a goat on his ranch last week; we just don't know.

There are a lot of things we don't know. Speculating wildly about things with absolutely zero evidence is not the way we should expect our elected leaders to behave. But maybe we just don't know.

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Aug. 31st, 2004 09:02 am (UTC)
What a jackass.

It kind of reminds me of an old Archie comic where Jughead get Reggie into all kinds of trouble by only telling the truth.

(within Moose's hearing)"Well, it looks like Reggie won't be going out with Midge this weekend." (Moose beats the stuffing out of Reg)

(at the soda shoppe)"Well, whadda ya' know? Reggie paid with a quarter that isn't counterfeit!" (Pops throws Reg out on his ear)

(in front of a teacher)"Reggie got a good score on the test, and this time, he didn't even cheat!" (Grundy gives Reg detention)

Juggie's defense? "Hey, I never lied!"
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