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Baby Debate

The VP debate wasn't as intense as the Presidential debate last week, but it was decent enough. Considering it preempted everything else, it was hard to miss.

I was surprised by both candidates performance last night. Cheney actually seemed sane and reasonable, a feat he doesn't seem capable of on the campaign trail. Edwards, for his first debate ever, turned in a good performance as well. Of course, since he's had lots of practice in court rooms, I'd expect him to be a decent orator and quick to respond to questions. But, he didn't let Cheney rattle him, which might be difficult considering some of the personal attacks the VP slid into the debate while sounding reasonable.

Both of them made good points, and I don't think this debate really ended up with one of them as the clear winner. Edwards spent too much time belaboring Halliburton, but then it is an enormous scandal - or would be if the media actually spent any time at all doing a decent analysis of the whole mess. Cheney, for his part, didn't beat any one horse which may end up making Edwards's speaking more memorable to the public. We'll see.

Regardless, the VP debate doesn't really make much difference, unless you have a narcoleptic admiral on the podium.

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