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Smart People

Had a conversation with one of my cow-orkers today which was quite surreal. It's like I've had a similar conversation before...

One of the geeks at work is the only person who really understands how some of the tools work. This is because he's the one who wrote the tools, and he uses the strangest user interface non-standard widgets seen since Kai's Power Tools. So my cow-orker says the problem we're having is that Mike just is so smart he thinks differently than we do.

This is insulting and wrong. It's insulting because it supposes that Mike is smarter than I am; I've seen no evidence of this. It's wrong because smart people need to remember to make their projects accessible to the people who will be using them. If you're a designer and you break every convention that people expect to see, you're an idiot or an artist. If you're an artist, get off the Intelligence Training System. If you're an idiot, stop being dumb.

And why do people continue to lump me into the group that does not include the "crazy smart people" anyway? Is it because I'm capable of a normal conversation? Is it because I try not to pepper my speech with too many obscure references? Is it because I'm not a prick, as so many of these people who are perceived as "crazy smart" are?

Maybe I should start insulting people gratuitously and then they'll think I'm smarter than they are. Still won't make any more money, but they'll stop asking for my help anyway. :-)

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Oct. 15th, 2004 01:51 pm (UTC)
At least you didn't just call me crazy.
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