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Spam! Marvelous Spam!

After my post about trackback spam, I checked my email and got three junk faxes in my eFax account.

Didn't junk faxes get ruled illegal some time in the Reagan administration? Why am I getting them now? I note that I have had this eFax account for years, and only since the CANSPAM(Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) Act went into effect have I been getting junk faxes. This leads me to assume that CANSPAM did something that made the formerly illegal practice of junk faxing legal. Way to go. I read a recent article that showed that email spam has gone up quite a bit since CANSPAM went into effect, so it's been proven emirically to be completely worthless and perhaps even counterproductive in the fight against spam. Go, Republican Congress!

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