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Texans and SUVs

Drivers in San Angelo seem to be especially bad, although I've noticed a trend toward increasingly rude behavior on the roads the past two decades nationally.

This morning added evidence to the growing pile of "SUV drivers are assholes" reports. As I was driving east, a woman who was parked on the wrong side of the road to my right pulled out and made a right-hand turn in front of me without turn signals into the oncoming lane of the road. It was another block before she had moved to only straddling the middle of the road instead. By the time we got to the stop sign she didn't even slow down for, she had finally found her way to the right side of the road.

Then, a few minutes later, I almost got my rear bumper removed by a guy in an SUV who decided he needed to change lanes at the same time I was. The difference being, I had a turn signal and he didn't. Somehow, this seemed to infuriate him and he drove off in a huff, just to make a right-hand turn not one block later.

As Bill Hicks said, "The People Who Hate People Party" is a good idea some days.

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