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Bad spellers of the world, untie!

To further prove my propellerhead status, I've been playing with my stats output. Yep, Added a graph and still made the HTML smaller. Pruned down the list of requested files, and added a graph showing where people are coming from.

Here's a shocker: most folks are coming from LiveJournal to my site. A few months ago, most of my visitors came from Winfiles, but CNET has killed the site and not reinstated all the files that were listed there. So, my Linux Theme and startup screen have not been getting a lot of hits lately. Tux is lonely.

On my personal stats output (still huge, yes Corto), I find that the most popular PART of LJ that visitors are arriving from is (drum roll please) NakedParts. Go figure. Not that I've posted many nekkid pix there, but I guess my witty commentary is hard to avoid. My host has told me I may be charged 5 or 6 bucks next month for my profligate bandwidth usage. I think I can afford it. heh