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Be Cruel to Your School

The new Schools feature is kind of interesting. So far, only about six people from my high school have enlisted in the program, and all but two of them are astoundingly younger than I. My college is a different story, but it's of limited interest. Considering that University of Maryland, besides operating a set of campuses in Maryland, also operates one of the largest distance education programs, covering most overseas military bases as well as a lot of veterans and other working professionals, we don't have much in common.

Which reminds me - I was working on my security update last week, and the schools issue came up there. The OMB requires that I list any schools I've attended in the past three years on the update form, and also list someone that knew me at that school. The intent is to find someone you went to class with, to verify you aren't a subversive anti-American bad guy. But, I took the last 9 years of my bachelors classes (shut up) online, exclusively. So, I never met any of my classmates or professors. I listed one of my instructors, but c'mon - the guy doesn't know me from Adam. Silly shit.