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Printer All Better

The printer naturally arrived in San Angelo while I was in San Antonio, and the FedEx office closed while I was passing through Eden. Checking the web site at the time I was supposed to be across town (near the FedEx office), I saw that it was supposedly not on a truck but was sitting at the FedEx office. Cool, I'll swing by there. Nope, not there. The web site needed a kickstart, apparently, because the printer was on the truck, as of 7:52 am. This truck usually passes my house around 11 am, based on recent history. It actually showed up closer to 4 pm. Gotta love the holidays for slowing shipping service to a crawl.

Before I even unpacked the printer completely, I checked to see if the power switch worked. Yay! After pulling the fifty pound monster up onto the desk and printing the test page, there was much rejoicing. The thing is even bigger than I envisioned it, but prints pretty. Mission accomplished, finally.

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