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From the [info]altfriday5:

1. Which languages do you know? How did you learn them (e.g. natively, from classes, by immersion)? English - native; Korean - school and immersion; Spanish - school but lost most of it.

2. Which language would you most like to learn? Why? Swahili - duh?

3. Have you visited any places where you did not know the predominent language? If so, which ones? Was it hard to manage? Mexico - my Spanish blows. Fortunately, I've only gone to tourist spots so the English of the locals was good enough.

4. Which language do you most enjoy hearing, seeing, or expressing? Why? Spanish, it sounds very musical at times.

5. Which languages, other than the one(s) you know, are you exposed to your daily life? Arabic, Russian, Farsi.