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Obscure Reference Man to the Rescue!

I swear, Family Guy is written just for nuts like me. Just in the first seven minutes of tonight’s episode, the references included Mytzlplk, 80s children’s television, John Cusack movies, and the Disney versions of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, and the war in Iraq.

The other obscure references that I noticed include the Dukes of Hazzard, Punk’d, the psychotically vague Second Amendment verbiage, a particular Burgundy wine (or restaurant in Tribeca), Planet of the Apes, Woody Woodpecker, Fatal Attraction, Less Than Zero (or maybe Bright Lights Big City - I’ve only read the books not seen the movies), and zombie movies.

There was also a reference to a movie that doesn’t seem familiar - ancient language-speaking forestdwelling people who are apparently reincarnated soul mates later in history. Anyone know that one?

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