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Store Design

Originally published at BunkBlog. You can comment here or there.

The local Circuit City, like all other “big box” stores in this town, is more of a “not so big box” store. They’ve been here for about a year now, but seem to be in a constant state of stocking the shelves as if for the first time. Today, I went to the store to try to touch a Sansa e200, which I will probably end up buying as a replacement for my broken Karma. I went to the part of the store marked “Portable Audio” – that was where I’d seen MP3 players in the past, and the name seems to be apropos. The aisles were filled with telephones and CD cases. OK, so where might the portable audio be? After several attempts, I finally found a salesperson who pointed out the sign hanging above the computer section, “iPods and MP3.” A new sign, it is literally a section carved out of the middle of the computer section. There are hard drives on the left and laptops on the right. What the hell?

And that Sansa e200? Not on display. Best Buy has one on display, but it’s broken. I hate this town some days.