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Proofreader still needed at SATimes

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I realize that many ads are sent to newspapers with “camera ready” art and the paper merely places it on the page.  Still, the egregiousness of some errors makes you wonder if anyone who knows English reads the paper before thousands of copies are distributed.  In a supplement today, I learned that a man with a Masters in Education was the Principle of a school.  I also learned that Don Oscar’s restaurant was Formally Little Mexico.  I guess it’s informally Don Oscar’s.

The local signmakers are no better. There’s a billboard that has been up around town for a month or two now, in several places. It says that “Being a First Lady has it’s privileges.” No wonder our kids can’t spell - the adults aren’t even trying!



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Apr. 29th, 2007 08:13 am (UTC)
Drives me nuts when you point these things out to the people in charge and they don't even care.

There's an ice rink near here with a Zamboni which parades around the ice every hour for everyone to see, proudly emblazoned with "Clear Air - Your's To Enjoy". I actually pointed it out to someone who worked there. She said "oh yeah, so-and-so in the office ordered the artwork. Dunno why they gave the job to her - everybody knows she can't spell".

And then up here in Canada we spell "centre" like that but I know down in the US it's spelt "center". Obviously there's a lot of US companies doing business up here & so we see some things, quite legitimately, labelled "center". This confuses people of below average intelligence. I've met Canadians who actually believe the correct Canadian spelling is "center". I've even met people who believe it's spelt differently, depending on the meaning! I think they think you can arrange to meet someone at the centre of the shopping center. *sigh* - are we facing a losing battle? I KNOW that language is a living thing that evolves over time but do we really have to evolve it down to the level of morons? Is it too much of a challenge to actually educate people?
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