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Circus is in town

Originally published at BunkBlog. You can comment here or there.

You may have heard a story or two on the news recently about the peculiar group of polygamists down the road from me. After attending a school function for The Boy next door to Fort Concho, I had an encounter with a Texas State Trooper.

School function, so I took photos. The sight of me with a camera was of some interest to the DPS officer, apparently. He asked if I’d been taking photos of the Fort, which of course I hadn’t been and told him that. Then he turned friendly and wished me a good day. About 50 meters down the street, I passed a man with a massive camera taking photos of the Fort, while standing in the street. Guess he was too obvious.

Anyway, I know that there are many issues (privacy, witness tampering, yada yada) involved in this mess, and I’m not about to raise a fuss about a rather minor thing, but I’m allowed to take photos of just about anything I want to. I can’t help but wonder how the conversation would have gone if I’d actually been so bold as to have taken a photo of Officer Friendly or (gasp!) even of the State Park, while standing on a public street. I’m sure the sky would have fallen.

Sure hope this circus is over soon. Housing all those people on the Fort has already caused at least one event cancellation.  This town uses the area for many community days.


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Apr. 13th, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to know if there was anything on the film that would be of help to their case?

Of course, I'd probably still have felt like the guy was intimidating me until I knew his motives for asking.
Apr. 13th, 2008 10:49 pm (UTC)
The case is all about the compound in Eldorado; I can't imagine any surveillance of the children would be useful to law enforcement.

He was trying to be gruff until he determined that I was not a disgruntled FLDS member or stealthy press member.
Apr. 14th, 2008 03:44 am (UTC)
Sure hope this circus is over soon.

I wouldn't hold my breath. ( :
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