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New Year Predictions

Originally published at BunkBlog. You can comment here or there.

Apparently, it is now time for people on my reading list (RSS aggregator, LJ Friends, whatever you want to be called) to make predictions for 2009, and review their past prognosticative abilities. I’ll play along, but I’m taking all sucker bets, so as to get a hit rate much higher than Sylvia Browne ever will.

  1. The WorldNutDaily and other extreme-rightwing nutjobs will continue to berate President Obama throughout the year, calling into question his patriotism, his citizenry, and perhaps even his sexual orientation, just in hopes that something will cause people to care about the right-wing again.
  2. Windows 7 won’t be the savior of all things computing in 2009.
  3. Netbooks will remain nearly impossible to find in retail channels anywhere with a population less than 5 million (like, say, where I live now).
  4. The economy will continue to suck.
  5. There still won’t be a single-sign-on system that anyone uses. Sorry, OpenSocial and Facebook API.
  6. There still won’t be a crypto system that anyone uses.  Sorry, PGP.
  7. The Digital TV changeover will be a complete goat-fuck.
  8. Our elected representatives will continue to play reverse Robin Hood, taking as much money from the middle class as they can and giving it to the corporate overlords Eisenhower warned us about.
  9. Weather will continue to be remarkable, which will cause climatologists to point out they predicted just such a thing. Denialists will claim that anything other than blistering heat in Alaska and seventy hurricanes reaching into Iowa is proof there is no such thing as global warming.
  10. Kit will continue to amuse and enlighten us all with her LE posts.



Jan. 1st, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)
#4 I have heard economists make this claim, but we'll be able to see improvement in 2010. When the economy is crap, it takes time to drag it out of the crapper.

#8 This is the one I genuinely hope will be wrong. I'm a cynic and an idealist at the same time... what do they call that? A realist? I hope for the best, and fear for the worst. I really, really hope though that someone will think about the problem very carefully and come up with a respectable solution. The only hope that this will happen is if Obama manages something, because I don't trust Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid to be able to manage anything of the sort, given how poorly they've done in the last two years. The consequences of your prediction coming true are just too terrible to think about.... Herbert Hoover comes to mind.