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Sheep Rustling in San Angelo

Originally published at BunkBlog. You can comment here or there.

You may recall the decorated sheep that are now placed around San Angelo – the husky was scared of one a while back, and The Boy and I watched the Sheeptacular parade when they were first introduced to the community. Some idiot college students swiped one. They were planning to return it, they said, because who needs a five-foot fiberglass sheep in their living room?  Of course, they also let the police knock on their door for an hour before letting them in; did they think the cops might get tired and go away?

Surprisingly to many, this is considered a state felony, because the value of the stolen property was over $1500. I remember some folks in high school swiped the Bob’s Big Boy statue from down the road – would have sucked to get hit with a felony charge.

Remember, don’t rustle sheep – Jonny Law will get ya.