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Giving up on Eudora

Originally published at BunkBlog. You can comment here or there.

After 15 years of mostly-loyal use, I’m considering curing myself of my Eudora addiction. I love Eudora, no matter how odd it may seem to the unitiated. It’s certainly less odd than Mutt. Anyway, I’ve been watching the “new and improved” Eudora plan for three years now, and it’s still not out of beta. The last announcement was some time ago, and it sure doesn’t look like anyone cares about it anyway. Converting one of the most venerable email clients on the Windows platform (it was once the primary email client all ISPs gave to their uses, along with Netscape 0.9) into an extension of Thunderbird seems almost sad to me. I’ve been using Gmail regularly since 2005, and more frequently of late. Their spam filters beat anything my host’s SpamAssassin configuration has shown me so far, and it’s convenient to look up old messages no matter what computer I’m using.

What has kept me from giving up on Eudora was that I have a stupendous amount of email stored in it. I tried to use the Gmail Loader program a couple years ago, and it kept timing out on me and otherwise made me feel like it was not working right. Since it was actually re-sending each message via SMTP, it screwed up the dates besides, making it more challenging to figure out how old messages were. Seeing email from 1997 suddenly show up as being from 2006 was surprising, to say the least. Stumbling around the internet, I came across a great idea to move my old messages into Gmail – IMAP. If I turn on Gmail’s IMAP, move my archived email from the mboxes into the IMAP folder within Eudora, then exit Eudora, open the IMAP folders in Gmail and move the email into non-IMAP folders in Gmail, I should preserve the headers and dates and all that jazz, while getting my email all on one platform.

Wish me luck…