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So, once again, we see the great Change agent deal with a recalcitrant GOP by a complete and utter capitulation. What does the President point to as a vital program which he has protected during this Great Compromise? Even Medicare and Social Security, which were considered sacrosanct by both parties not that long ago, are going to be looked at by the new and improved bipartisan debt reduction commission later in the year. Apparently the first debt reduction commission didn’t provide the correct answers that anyone wanted last year.

Meanwhile, the GOP gets to claim success in all their areas. No tax increases, even on the wealthiest people (they aren’t Job Creators just because the GOP says so; they need to actually create jobs to be worthy of that title) or greediest tax-dodging corporations (which have already taken their profits off-shore, so what threat do they have left?). And, the debt debate will continue through the election, providing a nice millstone for Obama to drag around.

Yay for change.

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Aug. 1st, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
I don't understand how President Obama is so incapable of seeing what nearly ever liberal or progressive pundit has been screaming from the treetops. He's not brain-damaged, but he keeps trying to negotiate and compromise with people who have no interest in compromise and whose definition of negotiation is "give me everything I want or I'll hold my breath until you do."

If Glen Greenwald and others can point this out, why in the world does Obama continue to act as though he is dealing with sane people?